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Say "THING uh ma jik". Made from the same material as our Snakes! and Dura-Force laces, OldKook's "Thing-O-Magic" has an endless variety of uses. Like our laces, the "Thing-O-Magic" rates at 1600 pounds tensile strength, so they are literally stronger than steel. They're also coated with urethane for maximum abrasion and water resistance. They're made in the U.S.A. and are guaranteed to outlast ANYTHING you put them on! Use Old Kook's "Thing-O-Magic" for:

Replacement Starter Pull Cords
For lawn mowers, edgers, weed eaters, blowers, chain saws, generators, go karts, mini bikes, outboard motors, snowblowers, snowmobiles and more...

Ultra Durable Rope
For tow lines, tie downs, rescue rope, camping, hunting, fishing, any application that requires the strongest rope available. The material is very light weight and compact, making it easy to pack along on any outdoor adventure.

Got Any Ideas?
We've had customers use our "Thing-O-Magic" for other inventive applications such as nunchuck rope replacement! What will YOU do with Old Kook's "Thing-O-Magic?"

Old Kook's "Thing-O-Magic" comes in lengths of 96" and can be cut to suit your needs. Diameter is 7/64".

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Performance Tip: The urethane coating on OldKook's TM "Thing-O-Magic" makes them slick. Double knot them and they will stay put.